Thursday, December 8, 2016

About Us


Corruption is a universal phenomenon, independent of social system, age, position or class. It is also a very old phenomenon. Already in writings dating from Babylonia, 2250 BC, one finds traces of corruption. But corruption probably never was a hot issue as it is today. The global media has undoubtedly contributed to this. But many developments in the last thirty years have contributed also. These include the major corruption scandals, the end of the cold war and some globalization trends.

Who are we?

Corruption Watchers is a group of brave human rights and environmental activists who put our world first. It is a well-known fact that most of planet Earth sicknesses and abuses are driven by corruption in the global political and economic systems as well as mal use of natural resources, our goal is to combat this twisted status quo and to campaign for change. We will carry investigations and expose these wrongful doings. We are independent, not-for-profit and we always see global justice before our eyes.   

Our Vision

We want to create a better place for our children to grow in, a world where corruption is properly  challenged, with public interest guiding our path.

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